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Almost Six Months in a Graph

March 1, 2013

This is my 50th blog post.  I decided to make it somewhat commemorative.

Back in October, I showed a graph of some stats after my first month in Malawi.  I decided to keep tracking these things.

Not much has changed since October, except for the mosquito bite count.

Not much has changed since October, except for the mosquito bite count.

Mosquito Bites: No surprise here, I’m a mosquito magnet.  I’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding mosquito bites, even going to extreme measures like this.  I’ve also been able to go DEET-free.  I found a eucalyptus based repellent that actually works, and is available in Malawi.  When I do get bites though, I get a lot (hence the spikes in the graph).  It usually coincides with times when I go out at night, and am not hiding under a bed net by 9pm.  Surprisingly, I haven’t been getting more mosquito bites in the rainy season, which started around December.

Gastro-Intestinal Sickness and Other Sickness: Not much interesting has happened on this front, which is okay with me.  I had short-lived head cold in December, and a few dates with the toilet after foolishly consuming foods like cheese and ice cream (but it was so worth it).  I’ve become rather lactose intolerant in Malawi, likely due to my anti-malarials.  Still no (knock on wood) traveller’s diarrhea or malaria.

Marriage Proposals: Still at zero.  Though, I have in passing witnessed some men say in Chichewa “I want to marry an azungu” to their buddies.  Usually I was walking with another ex-pat, so I can’t tell who it was directed at.  Plus, they didn’t actually talk to us.

Transportation Problems: This definitely increased with the rainy season, as well as spending more time on the road.  Most were pretty minor, such as dealing with impassable roads (e.g. potholes), small breakdowns, running out of fuel, or getting lost.  Then of course, I also had this little incident.

Funerals: This is something that I’ve become more accustomed to.  However, I haven’t actually had to attend most of them since they were out of town, or I wasn’t available.

All in all, it’s been an interesting six months (minus 10 days).  Thanks for reading.


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  1. The graph looked great except as you said for the mosquito bites which I had no idea how you were able to deal with. The amount was scary. I feel so sorry for you.

  2. Tanya permalink

    If I was in Mangochi, I would definitely be proposing to you every day. Also, 50th blog post?! How about a high five?

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